Parents are always concerned that their kids are going out to party, and fuck–shit normal kids do. If I had a kid my biggest concern is them going out and joining the KKK, or blowing up a school. I think we spend too much time teaching kids to hide and lie, by dissuading (instead of explaining) normal behavior, and not enough time on being an empathetic human.

Senator Ron Wyden,

I’m all for trade. But I’m not about fasting tracking agreements that subvert democracy, concentrate more wealth into the hands of the wealthy, and undermine the well-being of the working people.

In the Tpp’s current state, that’s exactly what would happen. Complicated trade agreements need a lot of time to hash out. But there are many people who stand to benefit by rushing it through because there’s a lot of money to be made. One of those ways is by suing governments for putting the environment above the dollar.

Currently, the Tpp will only generate income for the wealthy.

(Not so) Fun fact: the wealthy already have everything.

Please, Senator Wyden, vote “No” on Fast Track and keep pushing to make draft text available. I understand private meetings, but not a complete unwillingness to be transparent. Please, vote “No” on Fast Track and urge others to do the same.


Good Friday

After my usual two cups of late morning coffee, I went down the street to grab an order of Huevos rancheros. As I approached a long string of people whose two leaders, a cute old couple, passed me carrying a cross. I could count all those under thirty on both hands, and I’m sure they were coerced into it because they were all texting while a couple, probably in their mid-70s, marched on in the rain. I know it’s Good Friday, but honestly what is point of carrying a cross around town with a bunch of people. If you wanna go for a walk and feel holy, march your ass down to a homeless shelter and cook some food. If you can carry a cross around, then it stands to reason you can carry a box of old cloths to people who don’t have any, or do one better and donate feminine hygiene products. Yeah, they nailed Jesus to a cross and he rose three days later, that’s not even his best miracle–compared to making wine out of water. He also killed a tree, hallucinated in a desert while he starved himself, and told everyone he’d be back before they died. Carrying a cross isn’t going to fill the pews, but helping the poor and hungry can’t hurt.