Just a thought:

Believing in a god doesn’t necessarily make a person ignorant.

Believing there are no gods doesn’t make a person an asshole, or dismal and hopeless.

A person’s personal beliefs about god and all that typically has little to do with their life.

People like camping, and baseball, and getting drunk. Assholes and terrible people in general are so despite whether they think god exists, or that life loops in this endless hellscape where people never stop killing each other over stupid shit.

It’s a Work Rant

I’m pro-union, but being 100% honest, if the company you own needs a union, then you own a shitty company. I’m in a union, have been for almost six years, and I work at a grocery store. Take a moment and think about that. Grocery stores are perpetual money makers, they generate just insane amounts of money. So much money you could give every employee a working wage, vacation that rolls over. Google gives its employees childcare. Imagine not having to find a babysitter, better still, imagine not having to pay for someone to take care of your kid all day. Our fearless corporate leaders would never offer it, and our union probably won’t think to bargain for it–quite a clueless bunch. I started a long time ago when our union actually had a voice and a decent contract, so I have paid vacation, better than average wage, and considerably higher pay during weeks with major holidays. People hired on the new contract don’t get the awesome holiday pay, and pretty soon new-hires won’t get much at all. You can strike (somehow, without any money for it), or you vote on this piece of shit that makes your jobs just a bit more unbearable, is what happened last time. Our contracts are about to expire again, so we’re “bargaining”. Think of a butt-hole trying as hard as possible to stop a dick from sliding another foot further inside–that’s what our union is doing. Sorry to spill all this on you who probably buy our products (we’re a big corporation, you probably buy our products), but we’re very hard-working people who seem to make everyone but ourselves tons of income, while constantly fighting to simply support a “contract” because our politicians overall don’t give two fucks about the labors who make this nation function at its most basic levels.

The really fucked up thing here is that people still really believe this nation is great. Capitalism is killing our world and rapidly eroding our capacity to stop it. Crazy people are shooting at us, cops are shooting at us, and that’s in addition to the other 40% of annual preventable deaths. We voted for a bunch of lunatics who thirst for money and will destabilize the world economy to get their way. The poor pay for everything except food. I see nothing great in any of this.

Summer’s End

The sun’s setting earlier, the air has a buzz, and I was 20 minutes late for class on the first day of school. Not for lack of wanting to be there, but because the bus driver didn’t feel the need to stop at my particular stop that morning.

Normally, it would have made me pretty mad, it might even of turned my whole day to shit, but this last summer was so epic I just didn’t give a fuck.

I had made plans; goals really, but even goals suck because you feel bad if you don’t end up achieving them. My goal was to start a blog on prison, and write at least one essay. I did those things then I quickly dropped them for BBQs with friends, and MusicfestNW, where I was hit on hard by a cute woman in her late thirties with torpedoes blasting out of her chest who revealed her fondness of Modest Mouse (the band we both came to see), and that she’d just been released from the hospital because she told her doctor she wanted to kill herself.

I thought Modest Mouse would be the icing on top of my summer cake, while I will say smoking weed center-crowd while one of you favorite bands closes a show is really fucking hard to trump, but an acid trip on the beach on an extended weekend camping trip will do it.

Neahkahnie Mountain is right on the coast, so you get a beach with woods and mountains. As long as there isn’t a massive earthquake it’s quite a breathtaking sight at 74 degrees partly cloudy with fronts¬† from ocean and surrounding mountains colliding.

I’d like to describe what I saw in detail, but it just can’t be done with any justice, and people have written about their trips since the fifties, and you should read them, then go on a hike and take the trip for yourself, the odds are good that you’ll be very happy you did. The drug is dangerous, but only to the establishment–that’s why it’s illegal.

My first professor is an older guy who talks like a bird, but with less breaths between words. And he’s assured all of us that he’s made the coarse as easy as possible. Then there’s a two-hour break, and I forgot to bring anything to read.

Rose City Comic Con was this last weekend and there was plenty to read and watch. Ground Kontrol had a video game station. I took some pictures of the infamous DeLorean time-machine from Back to the Future. I didn’t pick up any comics, I prefer graphic novels (and they’re expensive), but I did find a local hand-blown red and blue glass eye pendent to adorn my neck.

My last class is the reason I’m writing this. Creative Non-fiction. Making real life a little less boring is what we’re after, it’s not a required coarse and it’s higher level, so everyone there loves to read and write, so it should be a great class and the fire I need to start writing regularly now that fall’s here.

Soul Logic

I fail to understand people who think they have a soul and insist that they are going to enjoy some sort of afterlife, probably with a few good friends and family. But they won’t remember who they were once they’re there, for the same reason nobody remembers what happened before we were born. If the soul’s really eternal then we should have plenty of past-life memories, and it shouldn’t matter if I were a fly, or on an entirely different plane of existence. But we don’t remember, nor will we remember any of this because that requires a brain, not a soul. Yet, I see people wasting their life, thinking they’ll just make up for it in another.

Nobody Wants to Talk About This But We Have To

A few weeks ago¬†Louis C.K. put SNL viewers through the most awkward monologue, guiding the audience through a joke about pedophilia. To say the least, it got mixed reviews. But despite whether you like his joke, the point he made (as I took it), and the way the listeners reacted compelled me to investigate. I knew I’d obviously turn up terrible statistics, but there was a lot of other compelling information I simply didn’t expect to find, from semi-legal “hospitals” to a potential cure.

I’m not excusing pedophiles for the crimes they’ve committed, I’m condemning the systems that are failing miserably at managing people who suffer from a mental disease. It stands to reason that putting away violent offenders in special hospitals and keeping non-violent offenders as far away from children and a computer as possible would start to reduce crimes involving child pornography and prostitution. But the exact opposite is happening.

Child pornography is one of the fastest growing businesses online, with estimated annual revenue of $3 billion,” writes child advocate Dr. Mary Pulido, and, “Of P2P users arrested in 2009, 33 percent had photos of children age three or younger and 42 percent had images of children that showed sexual violence. ” It gets worse. On top of the 300,000 cases of sex abuse reported annually, at least 100,000 children are forced into prostitution every year, and if they get arrested they’re tried for prostitution crimes and treated like criminals.

After arrest a pedophile can end up in a couple of situations. Depending on whether or not the crime was violent, they’re released with a new set of life complications like finding a place to live from from kids, and mandatory GPS tracking–that’s if they stay alive through their sentence. If they committed a violent crime then they’re sent to “hospitals” commonly called civil commitment centers in a legal limbo, where they’ll likely spend the rest of their lives unless deemed safe for society.

There are 19 of these barely functioning pedophile islands, staffed by underpaid and unqualified employees throughout America. So, although it’s really upsetting that Arizona released 81 pedophiles, it’s not at all surprising that their records gave no reasons why. Many of the men in these institutions are old, or sick, and it costs $200,000 per year per “patient”. Civil commitment programs have been in place since 1990–a long with many other terrible prison reforms which helped turn it into the machine it is now.

It’s natural to hate anyone that would do harm to a child, and to be filled with so much disgust we forget that people, including pedophiles, don’t choose what they’re sexually attracted to, and some have undergone various forms of castration to stop the desire–it doesn’t work. But there is a pill called Lupron, and it has a great success rate, the problem is getting access to it.

Next in Part 2:

The Stigma of Mental Disease and Access to Medicine