It’s all bullshit. First of all, it’s becoming more and more apparent that nobody really knows what the fuck a government is and why it exists. All you fucking hear is jobs, healthcare, work, money–sprinkled with a dash of: immigration, corporate scandal, women’s rights, etc, etc. And that’s all anyone thinks about, just the shit they hear on the news or read on the internet.

The government exists for social control and cohesion. That may sound like shit, but let me reassure you–as a species we just got out of the jungle 100,000 years ago, that’s it, I’m just glad people aren’t still sawing others in half for not believing in a god. If it hasn’t been abundantly obvious–humans are fucking full of shit! You, me, the pastor, Obama, Limbaugh, the guy who scans your groceries. All full of shit, maybe well intended, but generally misinformed. We all know this, we all know we pull shit out of asses and feed it to people–shove it right in their mouths. We lie to get ahead at work, and to spare peoples feelings.

A government is there to ensure a quality of life, health, and insure cooperation worldwide so we all get to survive, and we all get to live well. We have the responsibility of voting people into office and monitoring there performance to make sure our votes aren’t wasted and our representatives live up to their word.


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