How are you Different from Bush

Out of everything asked during the debate, I really tuned into this bit about Bush differences. I remember when Bush was elected in office. I was a young Christian at the time, and I distinctly remember the whole church talking about him: a man of god leading the nation. I wasn’t old enough to vote, and at the time I would have voted for him, and regretted it the rest of my life. Bush was in office when I started investing time in politics, and caring about the direction of this nation. Bush policies and economic theories really did hurt the economy, education, and ethics. We’ve seen torture, collapse, and war of which all was in the name of god.

Mormon Romney and Christian Bush are very much alike: business owners who thing they can be America’s CEOs. We need a public servant as president, who can lead a nation into a better and more secure tomorrow; not treat us like low-wage employees.

Now the a lot of the Republican party separate themselves from Bush. That name brings in a shit-storm no one wants to be associated with it. I became an adult under George Bush’s leadership. From that time on I’ve seen nothing but lunacy from the Republican party. While president Obama’s creating jobs, and raising the quality of life. Red and Blue aside, the plans that the president have implemented are clearly working, but four years is not enough. It takes about ten years to really pull out of a depression. Obama has my vote for four more years.


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