A Difference in Belief

So this keeps coming up and I’m really fucking sick of hearing it: “I guess we just have different beliefs, and that’s o.k.” I want to be as clear and concise as possible: Bullshit. Lets get something straight, because there is a bit a language barrier here. When I say I believe in Evolution, Climate Change, etc., what I’m conveying is-I don’t deny their existence. It’s a simple way of stating a view.

You seem to think I have faith in the above stated, when it simply isn’t needed. Faith isn’t part of the picture at all because mine’s painted by FACTS and proof. You need faith because god isn’t provable, and assuming you actually live it by the archaic code, it’s the only ground you stand on.

So when you say we believe different things, you sound like an idiot. Because, what you’re saying to me is, “I don’t believe in facts.” Fantastic! That means you’re crazy! And a hypocrite because all of you spend all your goddamn time on your phones. You make food on the go in a microwave, and you watch your giant flat-screens. Just like I do, but I don’t deny the science, the facts, and the proof that make those things possible.


23 thoughts on “A Difference in Belief

  1. Beliefs and opinion, ugh I am sick of it. It is not my opinion that evolution is real, so do not try to say it is jus my opinion. Opinions and beliefs can be wrong. So stop hiding under that BS.


  2. Natural phenomena occur independently of whether humans have developed explanations for them or not. Facts or theories are human constructs describing/explaining the world. We use them because they work, they explain, so we believe them, we trust them, until other evidence comes along which allows us to improve or disregard our existing explanations.

    The word ‘faith’ has a bunch of different meanings, the first one in the dictionary is “confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another’s ability.” In this sense, you have faith in the explanations given to you by the scientific endeavour.

    Not wanting to hijack your blog, I responded in more detail here:


    1. In a statement: Confidence, trust, faith, are all shit; you’re just using different words. Facts and reasoning all add up. I’ve never found any religious text that even bothered sticking with it’s own logic, especially Christianity.

      Unfortunately I have to go to work, so I can’t take time to dissect what you wrote on your page at the moment, but tonight I will write up a real statement.


    2. O.k, this morning when I skimmed over your post, I had it in my mind to dedicate a blog post of my own as a rebuttal. But I’m sorry, you’re logic has no flow-your writing needs a lot of work. And honestly, I’m really not trying to be a dick. I don’t know what you’re studying in school, I don’t know what school you’re at. But you need a solid review in logic philosophy. Your very last paragraph stuck out most, because it’s completely void. Jesus was a human, here on Earth working in peoples lives, doing mind-blowing shit! Except NOBODY WROTE ABOUT IT! No one. If I remember Christian apologetics correctly, there are about three or four sentences mentioning someone-who might be Jesus Christ-in all recorded history! Since he was such a famous person, he get’s to put up with all the scrutiny every other famous dead person gets. You see we combine reason, logic, and evidence…wait that sounds a lot like: science! History and science are close friends you see. I admire your enthusiasm, but you could have written half of what you had and made a better point. And please, if you’re going to debate an atheist, don’t bother using the Bible, it’s why half of us ARE atheist. The bible is so contradictory it crumbles on itself, so just stick to raw, simple, logical arguments.


    3. Okay, I gave it more thought. Essentially, this is a vague statement about a huge topic! That’s because it’s for Atheists, and people who already share the same sentiment on the subject. I’m told I come off as cold, but I can see you’re eager to argue the subject (you’re doing it while you should be studying), so if you want, I will write a revised version. We can argue semantics, mix it up a little! But I expect a rebuttal with a hell of a lot more thunder behind it.


  3. Reblogged this on myatheistlife and commented:
    Here’s the thing. Atheism is not a religion, not a belief. It is the reckoning of facts with reality as we understand it. The theist’s imaginary world with ghosts and demons is complete and utter bullshit. It’s time that more people started calling it that.


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