Evolution is as Simple as Dog Breeding

Alright, is it that you don’t believe in evolution, or that you simply don’t understand it? Because I find myself explaining it every often to people, and it seems to work. By that I mean they stop glaring at me with confusion.

We all have love dogs. Atheist, Republican, Christian, Democrat–it’s one thing we can agree on–you might even have a favorite breed. Well how do we get those breeds? Short, tall, furry, on and on and on. Well it just so happens that all these characteristics are actually determined by genes. Just simple information stored in each of our cells that brings about a physical expression. So by breeding all you’re doing is mixing sets of instructions to create the desired result.

Earth is our dog breeder and the traits it’s looking for are basic survival. Breeding is very fast compared to earth’s methods, which take millions of years. And kennels aren’t needed either, just different environments.  The animals that survive pass on their instructions–it’s that simple.


15 thoughts on “Evolution is as Simple as Dog Breeding

  1. No, dummy, you can’t breed a dog into a horse. Stick to flipping burgers, a career that entails critical thinking will only cause you disappointment.


      1. Too bad the world’s farmers can’t hear your brilliant advice, otherwise they’d simply breed cows as big as elephants and grains of wheat as big as watermelons. Right.


        1. Read ’em and weep, you dumb fuck:

          Maybe he’s not as big as an Elephant, but that’s because even genetics has it’s limits. And you clearly have no idea how this shit works. But that’s o.k–you’re on the fucking internet, so go to google, and fucking learn about genetic engineering (which is only possible because of our understanding of evolution). So next time before you go on a blog and flip someone shit, take five minutes and learn thing or two, read a fucking science book for Christ’s sake.
          P.S. we do it to wheat too, but when we farm plants we’re looking for traits that make it survive, not one’s that make it huge, typically men like you are the only creatures with “size” issues.


          1. Incorrect again, and contradicting yourself. Obviously “genetics” can be as big as a blue whale, you numbskull. And if you understood evolutionary theory (which you don’t) you’d know that it says all organisms are only varieties of every other organism – that all is related. Creation (the correct view) states the obvious: earthworms are not a variety of sponge, and that bats and tomatoes don’t share a common grandfather. If you want to believe fairy tales, you go right ahead, but please don’t expect intelligent people not to have a good laugh at your stupidity.
            And using the f-word might seem impressive to an immature moron like you, but it is the verbal equivalent of wearing a “I’m a jackass” sign on your forehead. So this conversation is over.
            “Then began he to curse and to swear, saying, I know not the man. And immediately the cock crew.” Matt. 26:74.


            1. Hey doucher, you came to my blog flipping me shit, and no I’m not wrong, it’s merely your failure to grasp what’s right in front of your face because you choose to believe in a BS God.
              You’re gonna bitch about the f-word, you called me a dummy and told me to stick with flipping burgers! For the record, my IQ is 135, and I’m a Unionized Tradesman.
              I didn’t go to your shitty blog and attack your stupid fuckin’ ideas. YOU CAME TO ME, then you want to bitch when I shut you down? FUCK OFF.


  2. Unfortunately, ID crazies then tend to retreat back to the “Oh, yeah, small changes are possible, a dog is essentially just a wolf, but there’s no chance for big changes, for example a fish ‘evolving’ into a giraffe.”-reply.
    The problem is, that big problems can’t be proven in simple words…


    1. There’s no such thing as big changes, just small ones over millions of years. It only seems big because we’re faced with the entirety of it. If big changes could have happened the process wouldn’t have taken so long.


      1. What you wanted to say was “There are no big changes in one step”, while I was saying that there are many ID crazies who will accept that you can get smaller changes (by this process, not in one generation) but not bigger ones (by this process, not even in millions of generations).
        Of course that nonsense, it’s just not as easily refuted by the breeding argument as the “nothing ever changes” thing which could be considered as a straw man, as only the dumbest followers of ID would use it.


        1. I see where you’re coming from, but I’m not making an argument. So maybe I came off wrong with my post. There’s no argument, Evolution is literally the standard model, and you know that. But I was just trying to make a really complicated subject simple with the analogy of dog breeding, it’s not any kind of argument, it’s pointless for me to defend evolution, there’s mountains of proof.


    2. I should take time to note too: the “big problems” do have explanations. You don’t even have to read a four inch thick book to learn this, any shit-head with Netflix on their X-Box can learn about the whole goddamn process. ID people and others who insist there is a god are most likely doing so because their keeping their world-view from collapsing, as this causes an existential break-down. I went through it when I let God go, and it wasn’t very fun.


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