Just Work Harder

The rich have a new mantra for the poor to abide by: Work Harder. That’s right everyone, your lives will be so much better off, if only you’d pick up the pace. Put in the extra shift. Hell, bring a sleeping-bag and camp out at work. In Asia, they live in their fucking factories. What’s our excuse?

I know these rich people are a bit out of touch with society, you would be too if you were nursed with a golden tit in your mouth. But it may be worth hearing them out on this. Who could possibly understand more about working than the people who create work. They get paid to think of ways to make you work longer and harder, and they get bonuses to think of ways to cut your benefits or  hours– in this the rich have created a brilliant rat-race.

Don’t worry, it’s healthy to work endlessly. The obesity epidemic can be solved by working 60 hours a week. Sure we’ll have less time to cook a good meal, but there’s always fast-food. Picking up KFC on your way home from work is the least your can do for your wife and kids, cause let’s face it, you probably don’t get to see them much anymore. And it’s not like you have anything better to do, the rich know you just sit at home and watch TV. After all, why sit and read, or invent the next supercomputer, when you could be making the rich richer. If you really think about it, you owe them, they hired you, and they certainly believe you owe them. Without the compulsive money hording of the rich, how would you provide for your family? How can you support a fulfilling hobby? The hyper-wealthy clearly know what they’re talking about.


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