Midlife Crisis

My job’s full-time,
my life’s part-time,
down a one way,
four lane, autobahn blitz.
My brain’s beat down, but
my mind’s super-sized -g5- quad-core.
I got a bad soul, with a decent heart.
I’m a walk-fast, look back, leap forward,
quick fix, micromanaged meltdown.
A burnt out, gunned down, rat raced, out paced,
greener grass everywhere else, nobody.
Baptized, unauthorized. Updated, rewired,
3.5 upgrade. I’m on standby, but I’m ready to fly.
I’m locked down and on target.
Engaged for the information age.
Wired for dire and ready to die.


One thought on “Midlife Crisis

  1. And it takes three engineers, 2lbs of unobtanium, micrometer precision and an act of congress to unwind and relax in just 5 days of vacation. Life is not designed to be enjoyable. You are NOT supposed to be happy. The world is NOT supposed to be joyful. Those are the things you do inspite of life. My best hope is to slip the jack into the back of my head and dial up fantasy on the keyboard for 10 minutes.


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