Free Bradley Manning

Society has always had an arduous time balancing the rule of law with the greater good. Our history is riddled with examples of this, from war, civil rights, to prohibition. Although opinions vary, history’s words guide us in human dealings: how we, throughout time, determined what is right and good. It takes the voice and efforts of countless lives for us to be here standing here atop of the human empire.

Our technology allows people access to countless amounts of information, but at a huge cost to us. There are people in high places who believe it is in the best interest of society to keep some things secret so they can exploit everyone for personal gain. If you want to keep secrets, you have to expect those who want everything out in open, even at the cost of there own future.

Bradley Manning is a shinning example of this, and the media storm is a great example of society trying to work out the issue. Whistle blowers balance society by reminding us that rich executives, politicians, and various others making deals in back rooms are just as vulnerable to abuse of power everyone else. America has to make a judgement call: follow the rule of law, or do we collectively acknowledge what we know is right and good? Bradley Manning did a world a huge favor and we owe him the same.




5 thoughts on “Free Bradley Manning

        1. Well, it needs to happen soon. I was originally going to write about some asshole from Texas who shot a prostitute; killed her and got off scot-free thanks to a TX legal loophole. Disgusting.


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