Brace for the Ballot Oregon–Right to Work Two Jobs

It’s a joke that’s too close to the truth. The law has nothing to do with work, the real intent is clear, bankrupt the unions by making it so we no longer have to pay our union dues. Imagine having half of your blood drained, then being forced to run a marathon. Think you’ll win the race? Unions won’t make it to the finish-line, and that’s the point. It’s the typical ‘bate and switch’ legal jargon the Republican party has been putting out for decades.

There are closed shop states, and open shop states. Here in Oregon, it’s a closed shop: paying union dues is a mandatory part of employment. In an open shop state you have the right to work for a willing employer, whether or not you pay or participate in a union. Proponents of the law argue the closed shop method makes unions coercive and violates our freedom of choice. This argument’s all bark and no bite. I chose to join my union when I was hired and agreed to pay them what was due. Had I preferred to be paid the bare minimum and have a low quality of life, I’d find a job that didn’t have a union. Think about it like this: we don’t get to vote on where our taxes go, we just send out the check, and others divvy out our money. But we still pay our taxes. If we didn’t America would stop working.

What would happen if we stopped paying taxes? Look outside your window next time it snows, they’ll be no one plowing your roads. Say goodbye to public school, local police, firefighters, bike trails, etc. “But it’s the government’s job to do these things, right?” Yes, but not pro bono! If this were the case, eventually the government would go utterly bankrupt. Similarly, all the luxuries we have and rely on from the union will all crumble: collective bargaining, monitoring for safety, legal aid, and good ol’ fashion answering phones, and filling spreadsheets, takes us all. It takes our time, and as anyone knows, it’s not free. I’ve worked for Fred Meyer since 2009. I know where my money goes, it goes right back to me; after its helped countless others. Whether the company earns record highs or lows, unions fight tirelessly, for us.

Business is simple: make money at all cost; unions balance this by making sure people are able to take care of themselves, before the business takes care of itself. It’s easy to feel like we’re wrapped up in the red tape of bureaucracy, but cut that tape, and any company will happily pay you minimum wage, and give you as little as possible. Union dues will be the last thing on your mind, because you’ll probably be working 60+ hours a week (that’s just to get by). So do more than vote NO on this thinly veiled Union buster—encourage and educate others about it. Keep Oregon union.


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