Stoner, Man

You know I hear an awful lot of shit talking about smoking pot, and I just wanna say:

Fuck off! With your, old ass, Shaggy and Scooby snacks, view of people who smoke.

You pop pills to keep your dicks hard, your hearts beating, and you’re gonna come

down on me like I’m a some has-been loser of yesteryear. I work full-time for a

respectable employer. I pay my bills. I save for my taxes, and help my community.

So if I wanna roll one up relax or just shut a few extra doors in my head so I can write,

fuck off, and let me do it, and I won’t point out your hypocrisy. Caffeine, Tylenol, weed;

it’s all drugs. Do ’em, it’s all good, just don’t let it destroy you, and fuck off.


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