Leave the Chair Empty

My wife sent me a link to an article from “theguardian”, by Richard Dawkins, wherein he talked about his refusal to debate a Christian Theologian named William Lane Craig. Craig has been inviting Dawkins to his debates for a while, and this time Dawkins explained it for him. It’s a great read, I won’t spoil all of it, but Craig doesn’t have a problem with genocide. And this time, Dawkins’ absence inspired him to leave an empty chair on the debate floor. Which says a lot all on it’s own about the guy; I’ve only heard of him because of good friend of mine, Scott, is studying to be a pastor, and he always went on about how great the Hitchens and Craig debate was, and how Craig stomped Hitchens. So I sent him the link above, and was dumbfounded by his response.

He not only approved of the, “common view among Christians is that gods command to commit genocide wasn’t a big deal”, he also missed how the debate would have been a bad move for Richard Dawkins reputation. Then he went on about how great Lane Craig was when he tore up Hitchens, and insists Dawkins is just scared, and could make it if he really wanted to. Then he sent me a link another atheist wrote on Hitchens; not such a great read. So I watched the debate, and it was laughable. Craig stood there and made up science to fit his views. Made it up, and made it very clear that the debate wasn’t about proving Gods existence, only that there are more reasons to believe in a God than to not. I’m not joking. What’s odd is that Craig calls himself a Philosopher, but his technique and information wouldn’t stand the slightest scrutiny in a Philosophy 101 course from reputable, accredited, college. Which is what Hitchens was politely trying to explain, and it went right over his head.

Debating Christians is a dumb, and pointless endeavor that will inevitably leave them feeling pretty happy, and us wondering: what is it these people can’t seem to see? If you’re a Christian and you’re reading this right now, please understand, I’m not talking about people who just want to be spiritual, and help others. You all don’t take the bible literally, which is good because if you did, you’d be living a delusion just like Craig. He and others like him need to understand–you can’t use physical evidence to justify a blind faith that has no physical evidence. Which is why it’s so funny Craig is practically begging Dawkins to debate him–there is no debate. There hasn’t been for a long time, and Dawkins knows that. So don’t cave to Christians when they want to debate, leave the chair empty, because the truth is…people can only change their own minds.


5 thoughts on “Leave the Chair Empty

  1. I agree with your post, but have to differ with the comments. WLC is not stupid. He has just chosen to engage in public debate as a means of evangelism. Debate is never about clarifying understanding, it’s about winning which means swaying sentiment. Mere politics.


    1. Well said. It is political, which is also why we shouldn’t be debating. But if WLC isn’t stupid then he’s something worse: a liar. Swaying sentiments is can be hard, but most of us can do a little better than making up facts.


  2. WLC is a dumbass and those that follow him like lackeys are worse. He argues in the manner that Islamists argue… throw up too much to answer in one post or reprise… then claim victory. WLC has no valid argument yet on stage he acts like he does and manipulates to make it seem as though his points are not answered soundly.


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