Religion in America

We have a radical history of religion in America, most of which was directly influenced by the New England Puritans. Yeah, those assholes your read about in high school. The great, great, great, great, great, grandparents of modern religion in America believed in witches, and exterminated them–literally, a radical group of people. To be fair, it has gotten quite a bit better since then. Next time you’re fuming over of some religious atrocity, remember: there was a time in America when religious fanatics pressed people to death, under a pile of rocks, for a confession to demonic villainy.


4 thoughts on “Religion in America

  1. Actually almost everyone in the world believed in their own version of evil.

    Christianity enlightened men so that they could enter modernity.

    Notice that all other cultures and religions never made it past slavery, manual labor and the beast of burden.

    Only in the Christian West was modern science developed and only in America did Christian values unleash the free market so that mankind could climb out of millennia of bone grinding poverty.


    1. You conflate success with cause and effect. they are not the same thing. It was not because of the puritans and christianity but in spite of it that the west has become what it has.

      Christianity taught flat earth, young earth, blood sacrifice, washing in the blood of birds, demonic possession, slavery, mysongeny, racism, and any number of lesser evils. To call that enlightenment is moronic. when you mention the phrase ‘all other cultures’ you conveniently forget how imperialism shaped technology. Basically, you’re a bible bashing shill. No room for truth or honesty, just blurt out your sales pitch and bitch when people don’t believe you. You are a liar, simple as that, liar. Maybe you’re just ignorant, but to post here you possess all the tools necessary to make an informed decision and still choose not to. That makes you a liar.


    2. That’s right and wrong, but I won’t get into all that. I’m talking about American religion and how it’s getting less crazy, which I think is wonderful.


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