All Beef Condom

tum_nprSo, this comes up on my dashboard, with the opening question: “What would it take to get people to like using condoms?” Nothing–you’re not supposed to enjoy wearing them unless you’re 16 and can’t fuck for longer than 3 minutes. Now they’re trying to makes these things out of “beef tendons”? Because making it disgusting will render it more comfortable, and enjoyable. Folks, it’s a fucking rubber glove you wear because it costs a hell of a lot more to pay for an abortion, or STI medication, than a box of condoms. It’s not about being comfortable, it’s about having fun without fucking up your life over unforeseen consequences. Condoms are a fucking miracle, and if you’re having uncommitted sex regularly, you should be using them. If you must have sex without one, I recommend you get yourself into a committed relationship. Use some other kind of birth control, talk to a doctor about it, if you don’t want kids at the moment. I’m all for making condoms better, but making them absurd won’t get people to buy them–getting people to think ahead will.

That’s my bullshit. If you don’t follow NPR, and would like to read about condoms you can’t feel–here:





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