My Christmas List

It’s almost Christmas, so I’ve compiled a list of gifts I want:

I want people who are not white to be treated as well as those who are. Civil rights happened ages ago when racism should’ve ended. Yet here it is, on my list. Lets fix that.

I want FOX “News” taken off the air. Those ignoramuses make me sick with the poison they push on people. It should make them sick, but I get it–I’d like a fat paycheck too.

A bigger check is part of the answer, not the answer. Corporations are taking advantage of legal loopholes, giving everyone more money isn’t going to fix that, but it might completely take out small business that can’t afford do pay its workers that much money. For Christmas I want an America that considers the whole pie, as well as the slice.

Does anyone honestly think the next groundbreaking scientist, doctor, revolutionary, artist; fucking anything worthwhile, is going to come out of the Deep South anytime soon? Fuck no. Why? Because, “God done made everthin'” is the curriculum. Someone make my Christmas bright, and get on fixing that shit.

Women should have had equal rights since Eve’s apple incident. But, seriously, can we finally make that happen? Why do we treat women like second rate people? Perhaps I’m just naive, I’m only 28, but I don’t understand what everyone’s problem with women is. Men don’t like women, women don’t like women! Equality should not be this difficult.

Why is it that every modernized nation except America has awesome social healthcare, and lightning fast internet? That’s bullshit. Keep working on the Healthcare plan, and give us the good internet, it’s the future of communication and education.

Compared to Bush I liken Obama to the return of Christ, and we’re turning his hair grey, just like every other president crazy enough to take office. Take some time this holiday to not complain about the great job the president has done, not to mention the thousands of other people in government, who work just as hard, but aren’t on camera.

Lastly, I want government officials to surround themselves with intellectuals, instead of lobbyists. I think that would solve most of America’s problems.

That’s my list, I hope it’s everyone’s list. If so, we’re gonna have a great 2014.

Everything's Over


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