A Poke at the Pope

So the Pope wants all the religulous, and atheists, to get along. That’s about as far-fetched as my Christmas wishlist. Here’s why it’s just not going to happen Pope Francis: God raises nothing but contradictions. God, faith and religion are why people won’t take their sick kids to doctors. It’s why the southern portion of America isn’t pumping out scientists, and doctors. We don’t even have to discuss History’s countess pages of bloodshed, and terror brought about by Gods loving religions. Its terrible effect on society should be evident to everyone watching; it’s a spectacle. You look like insane people, rolling on the floor, drooling over each other. If you want to take comfort in fairy tales, do so without making laws that hurt people, and their children. Do so without claiming science proves [insert crazy idea here]. Do so without shoving your crazy in our faces. Then we’ll talk about getting along.

Everything's Over


2 thoughts on “A Poke at the Pope

  1. Are you sure you aren’t confusing fundamentalist red-necks with the religious.
    When you make comments about religion being anti-science I cannot in all seriousness think you intend to sling off at Einstein (who specifically ruled out atheism), Faraday, Newton, C.A.Coulson, or a good percentage of the last fifty years Nobel Prize winners.
    It is true that in the Bible belt the less educated are more attracted to fundamentalism, but I suggest that might have more to do with education than the teachings of Jesus which seem to me to be good ethics.
    I hope you are not suggesting that it is desirable that people with different beliefs should not try to get along. Maybe Pope Francis is not going to succeed in persuading a large number to his point of view, but it is healthier for society than the alternative.


    1. Yes, I’m sure, unless the Midwest has changed a whole lot in a decade, we’re talking about regular God-fearin’ folk, and Red-necks/Fundies–same thing. Second, what are you even trying to say in your second sentence? What every it is, no that probably not what I mean. The south has a ton a problems, for a lot of different reasons The point I’m making is that you can’t teach Evolution one week followed by Creationism the next, Creationism doesn’t cure cancer, or build 3d printers. Lastly, everyone should get a long, but it’s not going to fucking happen because any sane person isn’t going to go for your “…healthier…alternative”, which would ultimately take us back to the dark ages.


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