Sports Fan

Have you ever noticed the way people talk about sports? It’s with the fervor of an investor. They cite sports facts as if they learned them at MIT. They talk about plays, and such, as if they’re the coach. The pupils narrow as the sports fan pulls back, long slouched, shoulders; their whole demeanor transforms from mediocre to majestic. I don’t care to watch sports, but I see why so many do.


2 thoughts on “Sports Fan

  1. the desire for conflict is written in our DNA because conflict brings a reckoning, a winner and loser, a right and wrong. When we urge to remove the conflict of survival the tools we are born with lie wasted unless we find a way to use these vital tools that served us so long and so well. The vicarious participation in a sport gives us the same electrochemical thrill ride as defeating an enemy or landing that behemouth for dinner. Glory is not in how others see us, but in how we percieve ourselves.

    The glory on the sporting field is not simply to celebrate the gladiators, but to quench the need for conflict in the common people. Some of us are not common.


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