10 Reasons Why You Should Watch American Horror Story

The writing is phenomenal, in that it’s a truly modern horror, with something for everybody. That’s not a easy feat.

The writing is phenomenal, part two: great commentary and use of bizarre, and often unnerving bits of history.

Every episode is a reminder that we are the horror story. Any one of us, normal, people can be swept away in a bizarre nightmare of secrecy and betrayal.

It’s drama that keeps speed. You know enough, yet it’s not predictable, but then again, I’m not a critic–I just really love this show.

The actors are fantastic, and the cinematography complements their abilities.

The Majority of the plots revolve around very powerful, sexy, driven, and often, crazy women, for bitter or better, it’s a reminder of why women are so wonderful: avoiding crazy murder-houses, and snooping out Nazi murder-monsters.

It has just the right amount of sex, and it’s always twisted. I don’t know about you, but I think that makes for great viewing pleasure.

The characters are a lot like my real friends, in that–one episode ago I knew them, and now I don’t.

And, it’s on Netflix right now, it has been forever, but if you haven’t seen it, give it a shot.


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