Mensa Mandy Catches a Cold

Mandy came into work today looking especially tired. “Hey, Mandy. Jesus, you o.k.? You’re not lookin’ so hot.” Runny nose, cough, congestion, redness. This is the time of year when smokers, and the elderly start getting sick.

“Oh, I’m just catching a cold.” She admitted.

“Stay the hell away from me then. I don’t get paid enough to get sick.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Mandy smiled with confidence, as snot ran down her nose, “I’m purging it.” She wiped her face off, and sucked her nose mucus back up.

“Purging it?” I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Oh, well, you know. I took my 10,000 milligrams of vitamin C. Lets see…one raw garlic clove…anyway, it should be gone in no time, I’ll be fine.”


Mandy left early, and called in sick the next day. On the third day she returned, and l asked, “How’s your cold?”

She turned to me and said, “DayQuil Train,” pulling a cord to an invisible whistle, “Whooo, WHOOO!”


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