Educated Vote

This year big business wants Oregon to vote yes to anti-worker laws. Why? Because they really think we’re dumb enough to do it. They want us to vote yes to bankrupt unions, because it’s easier to take more away, than offer a higher quality of life. Don’t buy into the agenda Oregon. We all know how they run the show, just like we’ve all seen the shock of Oz, when the curtain was pulled back.

In this story they’re not going to give you a heart, or a brain, and they’re going to make sure you can’t afford either. Workers of Oregon, pull the curtain back. Start dialog. Read more about Bill Sizemore, who according to Keep Oregon Working, is behind the anti-worker laws. If you’re in a Union, talk to your representative about it.

Some things pass party lines–I think, Red or Blue, we can all agree–happiness can’t be pursued on minimum wage with no security. Vote NO, and remind the CEO’s that it’s us who keep the shop running. Keep Oregon Union.



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