You’re Probably Racist

I’m noticing a lot of people, employing a tactic I call: Subtle Racism. The best explanation is the one I hear most, people will say, “I don’t like Obama.” When you ask them why, and they never actually articulate , or give any kind of reason. Which always begs the question: What is it you really don’t like about Obama. You get the feeling that it’s because he’s black.

My dad was dumb enough to criticize Martin Luther King Jr. My “Christian” dad wanted to talk shit about the nonviolent Christ fearing pastor who helped lead the civil rights movement. You can’t say anything about M.L.K., he lived an impeccable selfless life. If you think about it, the only thing you could possibly not like about the guy is his color.

They’re are more telltale signs. People say things like, “I don’t care if you’re black or gay, whatever, just don’t rub it in my face.” In other words: I don’t like your gene-pool, so stay the fuck away from me. And maybe this is just Texan, but my step-dad prides his childhood advise to me about black people, saying, “I taught you the difference between a black guy and a nigger.” That’s racist too.

Going out of your way to make black people feel extra special is also racist. Portlandia even made it a comedy point: wealthy, white people, insincerely, sucking-up, and over-concern directed at the black guy, still draws all the attention color. Remember, you don’t have to be angry and hate filled to contribute to the problem. If all you can think about is someone’s skin color, you’re probably racist.


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