10 Reasons Why You’re Not Really Pro-life

  1. If saving a life were really the agenda, then abortion would have to remain legal as it’s used to keep the mother alive in unforeseen emergencies.
  2. You can’t be pro-life and pro-war.
  3. You can’t preach the atrocities of abortion, and be OK with the death-penalty.
  4. Your idea of pro-life stops at keeping a baby alive. You’re not out fighting to lower daycare costs, or writing petitions to get woman and men maternity leave.
  5. You’re not adopting.
  6. Being pro-life, it behooves you to look after the mentally-ill, who often commit suicide or die of neglect, but it’s not happening.
  7. If you’re pro-life then you should be pro-contraception, because it avoids abortion altogether.
  8. A miscarriage is acceptable, but a doctor’s expertise isn’t.
  9. Killing doctors who perform abortions isn’t pro-life.
  10. Placing hate and insecurity on women faced with difficult decisions isn’t pro-life either.

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