Modern Day Prophets

It makes no sense to me how Evangelicals and other Christians can’t embrace science. They’re actually the very people that should be championing it. Who wrote the Bible? Men. Ignorant Christians will say God did–the ones who made it to college will say the prophets wrote it.

What’s so special about a prophet? They had access to God’s voice. They were men of wisdom, who could perform miracles. Well, we know that’s bullshit, but they were probably guys who where smarter than the average desert dweller, who helped kings, and perhaps knew how to concoct a few fancy chemical reactions. The real kicker for most Christians is the access to God these men had, because it gave them one crucial strength we all crave–a glance at the future. We know that’s BS too, but it’s fair to say these, smarter than average, guys could think matters out, and make accurate predictions about war, or the weather. Nature isn’t that hard to figure out, we understood the atom over 2,000 years ago. But the prophets paved the way for the religion, with out their foresight: no God, no Israel, no Jesus, no Christianity.

Most will agree the days of prophets are over, but I tell you, they’re alive, and their predictions are more accurate than ever. The Christian prophets had the hand of god as their guide. Maybe that worked back then, but you can’t make a light-bulb with that kind of accuracy. We call our modern wise-men scientists, or doctors. They’ve watched nature for so long–from the smallest to the largest–and have documented it so extensively, that they too can predict the future. With the kind of certainly that powers your iPhone, or scans your body for cancer.

Once a good friend of mine told me, “What’s the point of anything if you have all the answers. There’s nothing left to discover.” It’s very odd that he said that because it backwards. These men and women are looking for the answers, we don’t have them. The ultimate theory that would not only unify our understanding, it would predict how the universe will really end. Because I guarantee it’s a lot more complected than fire and brimstone, but I’m not saying you should ditch your God either. Just support our modern-day prophets as much as the ancient ones.


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