Service Work

What does everybody need to live? Air, water, and food–all raging topics, but out of all these industries, I’m familiar with food. People go to school for food, watch shows about food, and everyone shops for food. The above stated necessitates make huge revenue, you have to eat! So, why is it that the people who stock, make, and process the food, can’t afford to buy any of it?

The grocery store is momentous: we didn’t stop at hunting; we didn’t set the bar at farming. We systematically covered the face of the Earth with stations where food can be accessed 24/7–cooked or raw. We filled these buildings with people to take care of the food, and help the customer. But then a handful of extremely rich people began pumping billions of dollars into anti-worker laws because greed, isolation, and too much unchecked power drove them to love short-term gains more than the people who deliver them.

My local grocer is owned by Kroger like almost every other grocery store. Just a heads up for the local-lovers, what’s really local might surprise you–I digress; honestly, where I work, and what I do is cozy compared to others. I’m a unionized produce clerk, when business picks up I get about 40 hours a week. That’s 40 hours of terrible customers, crazy managers, under-qualified coworkers, and the looming concern that unions will go bankrupt, pensions will get cut, medical will get downgraded, vacation will get flushed. But hey, at least I don’t work for Wal-Mart? Their owners want so, so, so much money that they make us tax payers foot the bill. I’d say that gives everyone part ownership–but I’m liberal like that.

So here’s the big question: how can all of America be overrun by a handful of the most unlikely people? We’re an entire nation of SERVICE WORKERS, and we let these rich fucks suck every dime out of the entire economy! They’re not going to stop until they have it all. We had the makings of what would have been the greatest political wave to sweep the nation since the Sixties. When the 99% protested it captured the nation, then it just stopped. You need to make laws, and change legislation–there’s more to it than holding signs and camping out. If you don’t take what’s rightfully yours, somebody else will, especially if it’s the necessities.


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