Am I Really an Atheist?

One of the sure-fire signs of delusion is the belief that one has the absolute answer. Is Atheism just as unfounded as Theism? Is it just another extreme, another name, another angry stereotype? I think everyone knows religion is bullshit, but the idea of God still holds people. Both paths requires faith–to some extent. Perhaps in this fight for truth we’re missing the bigger picture entirely. What we really ought to be seeking is our common well-being. Belief should not divide us from the greater good of all who share the Earth. We should care about people more than ideology.


7 thoughts on “Am I Really an Atheist?

    1. It would be Nihilism, and I think people don’t know how to live in an inherently meaningless world, so we fill it up with things like religion. Some ideologies and systems are good for society, but a lot of them are dated.


  1. I think the basis of most religions is to be a good person and try to be good others. Somehow that simple concept gets grossly misinterpreted. You don’t need to have a religion to have faith.


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