Marriage Equality in Oregon

Oregon Family Council (OFC) wants you to vote NO on marriage equality. They have the same basic legislation vetoed by Gov. Jan Brewer in Arizona. But instead of sneaking it through government hierarchy OFC wants it on the ballot because they believe Oregon is Red enough to give discrimination a fighting chance.

If you haven’t already guessed OFC is a Christian organization who’s aim is equipping people to discriminate, and diminish women’s rights. Their website almost succeeds in soliciting Christendom, but beneath the scripture and family rhetoric, it’s the same attack on abortion, marriage equality, and freedom of speech that have made Fundies the ongoing butt of this overplayed joke. Here are my favorite blips from their November press release:

[Individual conscience rights and religious freedom protect the rights of all individuals and groups, whether religious or not.] Except homosexuals.

[A growing trend of silencing can be seen where business owners of faith or with conscientious objections are being forced to compromise their individual conscience rights or face harassment, persecution, penalties levied upon them by the state, and the possibility of losing their business for declining to participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies.] Yes it’s true, gay people can and should sue for being treated unfairly.

[Friends of Religious Freedom filed the Protect Religious Freedom Initiative today in order to safeguard religious freedom in Oregon and to allow conscientious objectors or persons with deeply held religious beliefs to decline to participate in same-sex ceremonies. Oregonians will have the opportunity in 2014 to protect religious freedom and individual conscience rights now and for future generations of Oregonians.] Except it isn’t really about religious freedom because we already have that. Just openly admit you don’t want legal blow-back for you ignorance.

Sadly, organizations like OFC are everywhere, fighting tooth-and-nail over issues that wouldn’t even exist if these crusaders had any kind of understanding about civics, government, even just a grasp on the age we’re living in. A cover to cover reading of Bible nulls their agendas completely; their “religion” is just a mask to hide behind.

Oregonians, it’s clear that the road to equality still needs a lot of paving.  It’s hard to imagine such absurd legislation even making it on the ballot, though the audacity of trying says a lot about the Christian agenda of today–driven by more ignorance than ever.  The fight for equality is far from over.


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