A Bit Dismal

Everyone knows the times are hard, it’s tough just getting by, but I want to know, what are we going to do when all the kids born in 2000 want our jobs? Most of us work one, or more likely two, shitty jobs. Wal-Mart’s one of largest employers in the USA, and they pay their workers so little that we have to pick up the bill in our taxes.

But hey, it’s a job–it’s the average job–we’ve got a whole nation going nowhere because you can’t run a market based on buying and not pay anyone enough to buy anything. The creamy icing on this shit cake is that in thirty, or forty, more years our jobs will be automated. Why pay someone a living wage with vacation, medical, when you can have a robot do it 24/7, and only pay to have it fixed? That notion sounds crazy, but to the people running the show, that’s good business–that’s stockholder payout. And at our current rate of technological growth it’s probably our future, so you’d better get a degree.

Oh wait, I forgot, you can’t without mountains of debt and little likelihood of a job that will pay it off. Whoops. At lease we get medical insurance, as long as the Republicans don’t find a way to get rid of that too. Seeing as they would just assume hit the OFF button rather than actually talk to economists and solve a crisis we’ve been facing since the ’70s.

It’s a sad state of affairs, our ridiculous modern century is riddled with corruption. I have to agree with Jesus here: the love of money really is the root of all evils. The venom of the profit motive is far too powerful for those who manage peoples lives at such a high scale. These people are, by the nature of the money they make, isolated. So you can keep watching you TV, and doing whatever kills the pain of living in drudgery, I can’t stop that. But somebody better do something very soon, because if you think the problems are bad now, just wait–soon the 1 in 6 of you on food stamps will be starving.


2 thoughts on “A Bit Dismal

  1. “.. the love of money really is the root of all evils.”
    Clearly you haven’t read the wikipedia on evil. The love of money is not the root of evil, evil is the root of love of money. That is loving money doesn’t cause evil, evil causes love of money… er, wait. Being poor causes love of money, so being poor is the root of evil, but being rich makes you evil… wait, wut?

    Oh, evil bastards just tend to be more greedy so have more money. Love of money, like love of food is not evil.. it simply is. Treating others like shit is evil, or at best, shitty.

    Okay, so rich people are ordinary people with bad habits including the habit of making money… so they are evil.

    This is too confusing. Can’t we just blame the whole matter on the fact that people are generally too fucking stupid to give a damn about the people around them? That golden rule would work better here… if only it were that christians knew how to use it.


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