Sexism Doesn’t Sell

I’m really glad Axe ditched their turbo-douche ads: smell and look like all the other chauvinist losers. Most men I’ve met are really stupid, but they’re quick to learn that treating women like shit won’t get them laid. If your personality’s a shipwreck–no amount of smelly, overpriced, shit (which sucks as much as everything else on the shelf)–is going to fix that.

So now they’re ad-craft is more along the line of Old Spice; I’m much happier with the young inexperienced ship captain whom I can’t connect with at all–achieve that messy look. Lame as hell, but it says something deeper–perhaps the age of ignorant, cavemen, misogyny are coming to an end. Apparently Axe’s target demographic isn’t as scuzzy as I assumed.


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