The placebo is strange, I can’t wrap my mind around how thinking you’re taking a medicine can make you better. But what’s even scarier to me is its inverse, the nocebo, whereby taking something harmless can hurt you if you believe it can. It’s a mystery to me, and horrifying that the grey machine between my ears can heal or hurt me depending on where I put my faith. It begs a question: Just to what length does the brain determine reality.


8 thoughts on “Placebo

  1. And to what length does reality determine the brain? The question of determining reality goes only as far as the brain’s ability to influence chemical distribution within the body. The placebo effect taints the normal brain controlled distributions.


    1. The placebo is almost miracle like, and science is still struggling to get a grip on what it is exactly. But you make a valid point, it’s well known that a physical defect in the brain can change someones ‘reality’.


        1. It seems that way, but it might not all be smoke and mirrors, we’ve proven that a mode a thinking can debilitate a person. I’m not saying we can think about being rich and it will magically happen, but we really glad our neuroscience is getting better!


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