Doughnut Eating Pigs

There are police officers out there who do utterly terrible and dehumanizing shit, but that doesn’t mean they’re the majority. It’s easy to get the wrong impression when the “news” takes something a relatively small group of people did, blows it up to extreme proportions, and drags it on for weeks.

Some police do need sever mental help, and other authorities desperately need more oversight, so issues aren’t swept under. Framing police officers as racist, doughnut-eating, homeless-killing, psychopaths isn’t going to help the root of the problem: power and privilege can tempt anyone. Regular mental evaluations couldn’t hurt either.

The police force is comprised of people like you and me: they dread getting older, they argue with their spouses, and they drive their kids to school. And they keep us safe, assuming the state is properly funding them.

Hold individuals accountable, don’t reduce the entire police force to a narrow idea, it’s actually a very complicated issue–involving a lot of people–top to bottom. Remember, for every one cop that rips a kid’s balls off, there’s 100 defending someone’s life.


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