Fresh for Spring

If you’ve been watching the WordPress news you may have taken a look at Hemingway Rewritten. Normally I’m hesitant to change themes, but I couldn’t resist this time. Check it out and let me know you think.

I officially start school in a couple weeks, wasn’t sure if my student loans would go through on time, but they did! I’ve put this off for a full ten, fucking, years, during which I: graduated high school, traveled through 35 states, spent a month in Thailand and Burma, Italy, and two months in Sri Lanka where I helped tsunami victims. I got married, bought an overpriced Ford, got rid of the overpriced Ford, and learned the meat-cutting trade.

Now, just before 30, I can go to school and get into a shit-ton of debt like everyone else–great way to finish a decade. I only have two classes this quarter, and one is writing, I plan on posing every crummy fucking essay on here, and I’d love it if you graded them. What’s one person’s opinion, compared to the populous, after all. So keep you eyes out for the “grade my paper” tag.

Lastly, I was serious about the the bible errors, send your favorite ill-conceived bible verses and I’ll post the funniest ones–I know I’m not the only one out there who ditched religion. Thanks for putting up with my bullshit, and thank you for reading. 10,000 views and climbing, thank you, thank you!


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