Nine Thoughts

  • Conspiracy theories are bullshit, grow-up and contribute to your country.
  • Christians, you’re not the only belief system in America. Had you bothered to glance at the money God seems to need so much, it says–E pluribus unum–and if you really have to push your outdated agenda on politics, then I really have to tax you for it.
  • I don’t really give a fuck whether or not you’re a Democrat or a Republican because as soon as you pick either you’re just another stagnant party member.
  • Here’s the problem with the American economy: you can’t have an economic system based almost solely on buying things, and not pay 99% of the population enough to buy anything, but cheap food and emergency medical treatment.
  • Why are women still treated like it’s 1514?
  • Racism’s alive and well, in our lives, politics, and prison systems. This is ground we covered decades ago, bigger fish are being tossed into the pan.
  • Don’t just vote for the president, examine the ballot, selfish people fund laws that enable private interests, generally, at the cost of the public, and they spend lots of money to make sure you, blindly, vote on them.
  • Women get heart problems just like guys, which is why insurance companies need to cover more varieties of contraception because oral birth control raises blood pressure in a lot of women, whose heart health is just as important as a guy’s.
  • If you, still, don’t “believe” in evolution, climate change, and vaccinations, then stop believing in your iPhone, car, and everything else science made possible (which we typically take completely for-granted), so you’re not such huge, obvious, hypocrites.

12 thoughts on “Nine Thoughts

  1. You said conspiracy theories were stupid and then went on to talk about how selfish people fund laws that enable private interests at the cost of the public. That’s a conspiracy theory? In your last point you call people hypocrites (I agree with you on that point) but you were a hypocrite in your own article twice were you not? Get your head straight. God doesn’t need money, what deity needs money? And also a certain amount of conspiracy theories is a healthy thing to have in society as just believing all the drip fed tripe we are expected to believe would leave us like brain dead robots during the age of consensus, that didn’t work out too well for the US or the Vietnamese did it? But at least it thought us a lesson, don’t be so quick to forget.


    1. Wow. you got me, law makers, and lobbyists defunding unions and taking away women’s birth control is right up there with Bush and his Cabinet weaving together the perfect plan to drop the Twin Towers, Nice try, but you still have a lot learning to do. Plus, and take this to heart, everybody is a hypocrite, you, me, that wasn’t my main point and thought it may have mildly affected a stricter argument, this a fucking blog where I can say whatever I want. You sound like a person who’s clearly studying at the Ivy League level, next time your school opens a debate up, send me an invite.


      1. I’ll be honest with you I’m not familiar with whatever it is you’re talking about with women’s birth control being taken away, sounds like an interesting conspiracy though! I’m not comparing those two things I’m just saying that to strike out conspiracy theories all together would be a big mistake for us all, a little bit of speculation is healthy and sometimes it gets things done… detectives and investigators are often theorists before they actually get their job done and as a citizen of any democracy we have to keep an eye on our elected government and do all we can to steer them in the right direction should we suspect corruption or other issues. Kind of like what happened in the Ukraine I guess? I have a lot of learning to do I’m only 19 and I enjoy learning knew things, we all have a lot of learning to do when you think about it. Yes we are all hypocrites at times, there are always certain loopholes in our beliefs. Imperfection is all part of being human šŸ™‚ it certainly is a blog where you can say what you like and I respect that in a person, I’m not attacking you or your beliefs by the way I just have a very argumentative style of writing on the rare occasion I am making a point in writing but I don’t mean it to insult you and I hope I didn’t šŸ™‚ oh yeah, I wish. I can’t even afford the cheapest college in my country (Ireland) and that’s saying something! If you genuinely think I’m ivy league material then a serious injustice has been done…
        Anyways I agree with you on most of it I’m just being nit picky, probably because I’m bored more than anything. Nice blog my friend, keep it up! oh I came across it on stumble upon in case you’re wondering šŸ™‚


        1. Ok, thank god, much better introduction this time around. I understand what you’re saying, and I agree. I think if you knew the type, and the depth of the problem we have in the states with this kind of thinking, then your thinking may be as jaded as mine. Our education system is in shambles, I’m very sorry you cant afford school. I hope that changes. Thank you for reading, and thank you for putting up with my BS, i assume everyone that comments is American, I forget I’m posting all this shit to global audience.


          1. I think in the US conspiracy theories seem to be taken by some as fact rather than a theory is that what you mean? Kind of like a group of leading scientists taking the multi verse theory as an indisputable fact and then misleading many others with that view which is yet to be proven, it could be harmful. Everyone is more conservative here, too conservative in fact. I hope it changes too, can’t help feeling like an absolute bum being out of work and on benefits since I finished school, I’ve applied for the Irish defence forces though and I have a fitness test Wednesday (stage 1 of 5) so all going well I’ll have my dream career minus the drawbacks of the US and UK armies šŸ™‚ I’d be the same if I was living in America, it’s a great set up you got there apart from a few things which I would say briefly are
            1. Issues with gun control.
            2. Healthcare.
            3. Terrorist threats.
            4. And of course like everywhere else the economy in general.
            5. Oh and when I watch cops (you familiar with that show?) There seems to be a WHOLE lot of class A going around… And I don’t mean marijuana :/ :L

            Ok this might seem weird but is there any way I can add you on Facebook or something without privacy issues for me or you? You seem like someone I would get along with šŸ™‚


            1. I have a Facebook but I never use it I’m usually one here or tumblr. Oh and I have a twitter I never use as well. Honestly for as much as I’m on the internet I’m not a real social junkie. I’m glad ur getting your situation sorted out though, good luck.


  2. You need a timeout! You are a self centered little man who couldn’t find his food stamps this morning
    Just move to iran where you get to have your tongue cut out for expressing something about the government. Yours was given to you and gives you the right to talk nasty about it. So get a job, get responsibility for your life and find love for country and self!


    1. I’ve been on Food Stamps, and I’m very lucky to have gotten off them. And you’re right we should empathize with our brothers and sisters in other countries, but I’m talking about America. I have a job, I work very hard to support my wife and I and I’m going to school. I wrote this piece because i love this country and believe we can make a better future for our nation.


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