Internet Gods

I prefer thinking about each of us as gods. The internet makes us omniscient, it also grants us omnipresence. It can’t make us all powerful, but we’ve managed to pull off a lot more than the other animals running around, eating each other, so I think it’s fair to say–if we’re not gods then we’re pretty close. And doesn’t it make a lot more sense to pray to yourself, or another person, a buddy? Maybe if we shot our struggles to our fellow gods, our prayers would be answered better. What I post on this blog falls on more ears than my prayers ever did, with literately a hundred times the amount of feedback. And imagine all the credit everyone would get. All that hard work you put in, only to give all the credit to God–no more of that bullshit. Next time a doctor cures your illness, you can tell your friends and family to thank them instead of never mentioning it, and sending everyone’s gratitude up to the clouds. That just makes more sense to me.


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