I find it very hypocritical to expect a woman to shave her legs because I don’t shave my own.


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  1. That is an interesting point. Women shave their legs not for you but because they don’t want other women talking about them… and other women will. Trust me on that. If ever you want a boiling pot of negativity, gather together some women who are at that time of the month and negative comments will abound.

    No, not all women are like that, but enough of them are that there is no escape from it. You see, they compete with one another for the attention of anyone in sight, most specifically other women. It’s not so much that men will see them but what women will say when they see them. This is why they do hair and makeup to go to the grocery store or gym or even the drive through book return at the library.


    1. All sorts of beauty and grooming standards exist throughout all cultures for much more than mere water-cooler gossip.

      Also as a guy whose hormones fluctuate just as much as any woman’s, I stay away from ‘that time of month’ phrasing.

      And perhaps my view is narrow, my many of the women I know, including my wife of eight years, wear makeup because they like too, it’s their choice. My wife enjoys it, and many other women and men do too. I don’t dress nice, and put on cologne for others, it’s just a way I take pride in myself.


      1. Well, here we quibble on verbage… you said “it’s just a way I take pride in myself”
        What does that really mean? How do you take pride in what you wear or how you look without considering what others will think of you? That’s a serious question.

        As for that time of month, my other half has both cycles and thyroid issues… I know what hormone driven madness is. I do not say ‘that time of the month’ maliciously. Despite sensitivities, it is a fact for a lot of people. Most of them are in dread of it… a living hell here on earth. Just the same, it is real and women do talk. They are worse than men in many instances or can be. I’ve been around long enough to know this from many angles.

        That said, I understand the thought that demanding a woman shave this or that is hypocritical if nothing is given in kind/return. That goes for all aspects of a relationship, not just grooming.


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