In Math 60, a woman in her fifties was complaining about solving for “x”, and she finished with: “When I was in school they didn’t even teach us the metric system.” A light-bulb flashed in my head. I now had a deeper understanding of science and climate change denial.


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  1. So a person more than 30 years out of practice with Algebra and skepticism over man caused global warming are related because?

    Oh…I see…must be us old timers didn’t know anything about science or math; right? We couldn’t figure out that the output of the sun probably has more to do with climate change than a gas that has gone up and down in concentration through out time. And not always in line with the temperate changes either.

    Frankly, I’ll put education given to people my age (50s) over the pablum they are force feeding our kids today.


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