April Update

Well readers, I’ve been blogging now for about two years, and I’m just starting to feel comfortable writing. As many of you know I’m studying communications, and so far it’s been a fantastic experience, well worth the heap of debt. And I was recently featured in Northwest Labor Press–a big breakthrough for me.

A few posts back I talked about my anxiety over my first essay for writing class: The Bright Side of Vegas. After a near full rewrite and two peer reviews, my teacher still spotted two fragments, a handful of punctuation errors, and a foggy thesis–she gave me 89 out of 100. All that work, and still sub-par, but it’s lead me to go back over my old work here and revise it. Having done so with just a few pieces, I no longer understand why half of you follow me, or how any of you managed to read half my work! It’s a true testament to your patience and reading abilities.

As of writing this I’m at about 13,500 views, the average being 50 a day (I pay tribute to the gods of StumbleUpon). More of you are commenting than ever, it’s been a joy, and your insights help my writing. Thank you all so much, it’s only going to get better. Soon, I hope to have more labor stories, another essay, and the usual dark poetry. Keep reading!


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