Free Write 3.31.14

Subject: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to write? What was difficult about it? What did you enjoy?

I wrote a piece called “Brace For the Ballot” for my blog and union. Some friends of mine had just got back from a weekend conference about worker’s rights, and they unloaded everything they learned at once on anti-worker law–the key union phrase of 2013.

I’d never heard of it, the conservatives call it Right to Work. My friends stood there and told me how the law, if passed, would hurt workers, labor, and lower wages; it was a lengthy shit-list. But I didn’t just take their word, I went home and researched it.

Turns out, they were right about everything. That was the difficult part of writing it: I found out there are still people who actively want to take from hard working people like myself. It was also a tough write because I couldn’t use the phrase “right to work.” (It evokes a frame that leads readers to certain conclusions.) The only really good part about writing it was how much it impressed our union chapter president, and it feeds my need to learn and inform.


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