5 Ideas to make Portland Better

  • We’ve invested money into infrastructure: buildings are going up, roads are being repaired, and that means more work for people. But we’re still neglecting the people who work those jobs. Politicians have poured tons of money into the city, but wages are still stagnate and low. Had our wages kept up with inflation, we’d all be making roughly $16 an hour. It would be a real shame if nobody had enough money to shop in all those buildings going up.
  • Property tax is way out of control. I know nobody is going to vote for it, but there’s a reason why Washington has a sales tax. It’s smart because it means more people will pay tax, not just those that own a house, or work.
  • It should go without saying, it’s certainly going on the ballot–please legalize pot. Even if you don’t partake, it’s a cash crop, it will open up doors for scientific research, and it keeps prisons from brimming over with people who shouldn’t be there. Also, it’ll be easier to regulate, thus reducing dependance on drug cartels.
  • Though far from solving the issue of homelessness, what I find really pressing is addressing those of which who are mentally ill – people that could be a threat to themselves and the public – who police are not trained to facilitate. We need to fix that.
  • When all these new buildings turn into stores I suggest they hire people in the surrounding neighborhood to work there. We know it’s cheaper for your company to move people around and fill a new store with the currently employed, but other people need work too. Sharing is one of the first things we learn.

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