Kingdom of Heaven

I think humankind will come to point in its social evolution that will look a lot like what the Christian Bible calls the kingdom of Heaven. Does that mean the lambs will lay with the lions? No, but once we shed our egos, and things like racism, classism, our bizarre hatred for women, and all the other prejudices finally fall away, it’ll be about the same. If we can’t overcome the most trivial differences, there’s just no way we can beat something like climate change. I know what I’m saying sounds utopian, and I think most people believe it can’t be obtained, but I know it can be approached. There’s a great deal of fiction on perfect worlds gone wrong–starting with the very first story in the bible–eventually someone eats the fruit…We have a hard time simply imagining our lives without some big gaping flaw. But we are the kingdom of Heaven, and I think it’s fitting because whether we bring it here, or float up to it, I guarantee it’s a lot better than the hell waiting for this place if we can’t get our shit together.



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