Tech Crush

It feels like I just started school, but it’s already time to write my final essay for Writing 121. The premise is an argumentative or exploratory piece on how technology is affecting our lives. I’ve read about Facebook making us lonely, google eroding our memory, and the failures of online college classes. Don’t get me wrong, technology is wonderful, but I think we’re using it poorly–like using a sledgehammer to drive a tack in the wall. On top of that our current use of technology is unsustainable because the internet and all of our fun gadgets use a fuck-ton of energy, which means it’s warming the planet. But what really gets me about the whole thing (and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the topic of my essay) is that we live in a society utterly dependent on technology, but we know little to nothing about it, and it doesn’t seem to be making us any smarter or more informed, and I think that’s a pretty heavy problem.


5 thoughts on “Tech Crush

  1. Wow, I was only thinking a few minutes ago as I looked up a word in an online dictionary how much I miss looking words up in a real dictionary. Getting sidetracked reading the dictionary is how I learned a great deal of my vocabulary. If I get sidetracked on the internet, I only end up reading about Miley Cyrus’s underwear.


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