So Many Questions

Where is the leadership that can that take our nation off dirty energy?

With the sense to plan for the children’s future?

The courage to put the person before the dollar?

Who will fix our dated patriarchal school system, racist prison industry,

And crumbling infrastructure?

The soon-to-pop college loan bubble?

Who can undermine the oligarchy?

Grasp the olive branch and arrows?


4 thoughts on “So Many Questions

  1. Who indeed. It is an overwhelming question. I remember when I visited Parliament when I was 12, and had a great deal of fun watching all the politicians yell at each other over the state of the country. When we came out of the building, I was astonished to see the world was still working — workers busy on a construction site, people driving places, children playing. The world still went on, even though according to those we had just been listening to it was about to end. Let us be grateful for that, at least.


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