America’s Hope

Just about anyone who enjoys sci-fi has read a story by Philip K. Dick. Thanks to the big-screen he’s probably best known for A Scanner Darkly and Minority Report. Dick was a brilliant writer with an unusual life. One of the strangest things that happened to him was the hallucinations he incurred (probably from the drugs he was taking) that lead him to believe he was living dual lives, one as himself and the other as “Thomas” from first century Christianity.

It’s a crazy notion, but not when viewed from the scope of metaphor. I look all around me and see tired, hungry, overworked people–living check to check. A democracy ground to sheer dust by greed and power. I see racism, sexism, human trafficking, and the terribly sad truth starts to run down my spine: we really haven’t come very far in two thousand years. The Greeks theorized atoms before Christ was born, but still dealt with their versions of our modern woes.

It starts to feel like we’ve just placed band-aids on centuries of history instead of actually addressing the root of the problem–ignorance. The American education system has turned into a circus. Those who should be the most esteemed of society are reduced to underpaid babysitters, and the national college debt is another economic catastrophe-bubble inflating against prick bankers.

I’m just going to be frank: we can share this planet as a home or as a coffin. We’re not going to get anywhere as a nation if we keep failing its children, and crushing its workers. And now the hundred year countdown begins for the red, white and blue tide to wash away the world’s coastlines. The question stands: do we solve the issues now; together, or keep repeating history?


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