The great thing about marriage aside from the obvious, are the perks that come with the territory–such as tax breaks. Being able to see your loved one if–god forbid–they ever ended up in a hospital. There’s actually a long list of benefits to being married, and it got me thinking: why does the government incentivize coupling and child rearing?

Many of luxuries us married have should be given to everyone whether they’re one-handing it on a lonely night, a M-M-F trio, or that strange guy who wants to spend his life with a crustacean. The real money doesn’t even start to poor in till you have children. So if you don’t plan on having kids, expect your spouse’s added income to push you into a higher tax bracket. Not only do you get to live pay-check to pay-check, you get pay more into taxes, and don’t expect much from FAFSA either.

I’m very glad the LGBTQ community have build such tremendous momentum in marriage equality. That’s a long needed leap for equality, however, we also need to take a fresh look at concept of marriage altogether: its meaning, application, and legal implications.


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