Republican Kool-Aid

I was reading the io9 article “The Chinese Tea Study that the Tea Party Wants to Suppress” by Mark Strauss on the Tea Party closing their eyes and plugging their ears to the effects climate change is having on tea plants. It’s a great reminder that plants adapt very quickly to their changing environments and those chemical changes aren’t always good for us. It’s also a sad reminder that America’s Right has only one answer for issues that affect us: cut the funding. But what caught my eye out of the out-pour of support Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) received for the cut, was a comment which made my blood boil, “We should also be decreasing foreign aid to countries whose citizens enter our country illegally in order to improve their lot.”

There are people out there who agree with that quote, and if you do then you’re a crazy idiot. I first had an in-depth view of this concept upon reading Johnson C. Montgomery’s “An Island of Plenty“. Montgomery foresees a hopeless future of starvation for Americans if we can’t get the world population under control. His solution is simple: we should horde everything, and limit the number of children we have. He hoped to champion his ideas to the middle-class to build momentum, so he could insist the rest of America pay attention to his ludicrous views. The core theme in this philosophy is Isolationism–cut everyone off and just take care of ourselves. Not only is that laughable, it’s impossible.

Despite the persistent delusion of an over-sensationalized 1950s, apple pie, picket fence America–quick reminder–it’s 2014, and we live on a global level. Cutting foreign aid won’t just cut off food and supplies for parents and children, it hurts our economy, and international relationships. There’s nothing wrong with moving to a different country to make a better life for yourself. If you happened to be starving or faced with death on a daily basis you’d switch locations too.

There’s a reason people are getting in illegally, our immigration laws need reform. The government has made it too expensive, drawn out, and difficult to gain citizenship. Most likely because there are simply too many people who think cutting aid will decrease illegal immigration. Not only is that one of dumbest things I’ve read, it’s the exact opposite of the truth–it will increase it.

The republican kool-aid is a toxic mix of ignorance and budget cuts, every time they decide to pull funding it inevitably hurts all of us, from citizens to those who simply don’t want their heads lopped off by a drug cartel. The arguments to cut foreign aid are riddled with xenophobia, or blatant racism, and the only solutions these crazy people can come up with are to starve everyone off, and keep it all for themselves. We’re are doing our country an enormous disservice by letting these people hold any kind of office.

Just to be clear, the quote wasn’t Salmon’s, just a supporter’s, but the notion can’t be too far removed from a representative who’s willing to cut funding from a study that would shed light on how the nutritional levels of our crops are going to change and adapt. If we can figure out how our food is gong to change we can plan for it, so as to avoid malnutrition. If Salmon’s too ignorant to understand that then I don’t expect him to grasp globalization or foreign aid.


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