Piss in Peace

Imagine if one day your child came home from school with a bloody elbow. You ask why, and your child explains that they banged it against a rusty corrugated metal door after their foot fell through the rotting wood of the bathroom floor–located just outside of the school. I’d be so angry, I’d call the school and complain, I might even consider a lawyer. We’d never tolerate a rotting, rusty, deathtrap that reeks of shit, but that’s exactly what the school children in Giathieko, Kenya get to deal with everyday.

This summer a few of my friends are going to Giathieko to renovate their toilet system. I don’t even want to know how nasty that’s going to be, personally I wouldn’t spend a month working near or in human excrement. But I am going to give these guys a few bucks because they want to do it, and nobody, especially children, should have to pee, poo, or change tampons in a dilapidated shanty, void of privacy. So please take this chance to help:

Yes: I’d like help build safe toilets for kids



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