Seven Things I’d Do if I Could Be President in 2016

I’d instate a minimum wage which would get people off food stamps. You shouldn’t have to work hard and still need government assistance because your employer won’t pay more than the minimum.

I’d start a civil engineering initiative: solar roads, new bridges, and updated railways, with the goal of making 50% of America’s power renewable (without selling petcoke to China).

Equal rights for women, same pay, same vacation, same every other perk we men take for-granted.

New federal guidelines for education. No more pseudoscience or anti-science material in Biology. In addition, teachers will be paid more than someone who pushes carts at a grocery store.

It’s time to revise drug laws. I’d do so with the intent of eliminating drug cartels in the states. Diplomatic aid would be sent to Mexico (communication pending) to help end corruption, and restore democracy.

Which leads me to immigration reform: a timely and cost-effect path to citizenship depending on family size and circumstance seems fair, and possibly college assistance, should you have an interest in engineering (a promising job field).

The future of warfare isn’t won by outgunning another country, sending sons and daughters off to kill or be killed–like barbarians. It’s best we focus on cohabitation, health, and a fair people-first world-economy capable of keeping pace with us into the future. We should contend with terrorists and other issues with small specialized squads and advanced technology–you don’t need a shotgun to kill a fly.



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