Summer Update

It’s hot. I swear I spend three quarters of the year waiting for these three months, and when they get here I bitch and hide in my dark, cool, apartment cave. I decided to take a break from school and hit it hard again come fall. I still have journalism in mind, but PCC teaches it at one campus which entails a two hour bus ride, so I’m putting that off for a few months for more math and writing classes.

I’ve started to accept that I’m going to be stuck cutting fruit in a grocery store for a while, so I’m really considering a grocery store blog, but not just to vent about customers; I’ve worked at a grocer for half a decade, and if I wrote about half the shit I’ve seen, thrown away, and sold, my company would fire me for it. But if I had a blog which other grocers gave me their stories or pictures then I could keep my job, vent, and show the public why they should treat humble, poorly paid workers with more respect.

This is part of the update where I usually talk about my stats, but we all know that’s just a bunch of bullshit that lights up a few neurons in the grey gas station between our ears. So here are more meaningful numbers: I quit smoking one year and seven months ago–my dick and doctor agree–it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My GPA and mother share a special number: 4.0, it’s more than a good start to school, it’s the number of months my mom’s been cancer free.

Thank you for following, more importantly thank you for reading–I know I don’t make it easy. I’ve gone through a few writing phases since I started this blog. I don’t plan on writing much anymore in the way of militant atheism, or poetry, but I look forward to the next chapter of my adventures in life writing, and I’m grateful for all of you who’ve joined in. If you have any thoughts on the grocery stories blog let me know, it would be great to find some writers and people to exchange ideas with before diving in head first.


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