Getting By

Some people can just do the same dead end shit everyday and smile about it, but I have no idea how to do that. I start thinking about life, another decade of scraping by, living paycheck to paycheck, sliding further and further into debt; standing in the rubble of the American dream. I know it’s all ultimately meaningless, and yet I stand with Atlas under the burden of an ignorant world–compelled by biology to just go along with the goddamned show–day after day. I was told I could achieve whatever I desired, all I had to do was try my hardest and my dreams would come true. But the reality is that maybe with some luck, a $20,000 paper framed on my wall, and the chance that my career is in demand, I might make enough to keep money in a savings account. Meanwhile, those who are supposed to make sure people don’t have to live like this are stuffing more cash into their pockets, or are too stupid to know what’s good for the nation–either one makes it incredibly difficult for those of us chasing the bullshit notion know as “pursuit of happiness”.


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