Thoughts on Reparations

Black people deserve reparations, yet I think it sends a mixed message: forgiveness can be purchased, and if that’s morally o.k. with everyone, then what amount of money can pay off hundreds of years of enslavement and abuse?

Remember when George Bush saved the economy in 2008 by sending us all stimulus checks. That’s how I feel about the government cutting people checks–they’ll either fuck it up, or do in such a way so it’ll only benefits those who don’t need it. It also raises murky questions: What does it mean to be black in America? We’re all of such varied cultures, and gene pools–how much DNA qualifies one for money?

White people are far from ready, we just voted in the fist black president and the government is collapsing because they can’t handle it. How are you supposed to squeeze reparations out of the people who don’t even think we’re entitled to good health, or even food.

I’m curious if reparations would force America to confront its racism and fix it, or if America must come to terms with it’s deplorable attitude before reparations become a possibility.

How far do we take it? How much do we delve out to first peoples we slaughtered, or women who we’ve treated like garbage the majority of history; how many groups are we paying off?

I don’t think the thing itself will stop, or necessarily curb racism, which I think is the actual root of the problem. If that barrier can’t be broken then there’s no way we’re going to convince a bunch of old white men to vote on anything that empowers the black community–they’ll just bitch about having to raise taxes.

It can’t be called reparations for the same reason that the Affordable care Act shouldn’t be called Obamacare (there’s more to words than their definition, a single word can conjure a thousand thoughts and feelings). Sadly the word reparations paints a picture that seems to scare white people for whatever reason.



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