Violence against women. Sounds huge: violence against women, misogyny, these words bring up powerful pictures in all our minds, all different for each of us. Reading and watching society mull over these issues is like watching fourth graders try to discuss philosophy while giving each other wedgies. A lot of the problem is local; they’re people problems. A year ago an employee I worked with transferred to a different state. When I suggested to my boss that I had the skills necessary to take his job, and the raise that came with it, he stuck his crotch out and told me to “start sucking”. Women were subject to rape “jokes”, and an endless barrage of shit that’s not worth repeating. His favorite story to share with us was the one about him physically throwing a young female manager out of his department. He was keeping count of all the people that left while was “managing”, and even though he burned through more than 18 people, all of which gave detailed reports–including myself–he was never fired, he was hardly spoken to at all about his behavior. That’s what these problems really are, men taking advantage people because they can, and they believe nobody will stop them. Would the government make laws against women if they made up more of the governing body? But here we are again at a scary, looming monster of a social problem, so here’s my advise: Sue. Ask family, church, friends, your union for legal help and take their money. Use it in a way that helps other women do the same thing, so they can take that money and go to school. People have mixed feelings about suing, but to people who only care about money, it speaks volumes, so much that eventually that sort is behavior will become to costly to tolerate and eventually men will stop, not necessarily because they’re suddenly good people, but because at the very least they’ll be punished for holding society back.


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