Facebook is nice because it fools people into thinking I’m not a completely dull, friendless, island of a human. The “Likes” are wonderful substitutions for love and approval (and preferred because while everyone lurks around the web, the wide world is mine to explore, freely). I love the instant gratification of instant information. The days of thoughtful contemplation are over thanks to microwave solutions, and sure, a quick fix usually comes back around, but the proceeding band-aids can be tweeted while snap-chatting the terrible diarrhea that comes after eating a frozen dinner. If indeed, the pen is mightier than the sword, then the mouse bests them both–saving the world on one tab, and watching it burn on another.


2 thoughts on “2.0

  1. ‘…saving the world on one tab, and watching it burn on another.’
    How true! I have heard people say that Facebook makes you unhappy because it presents perfect pictures of others’ lives which in turn make you feel inadequate about your own. For my part, I find it depressing because of all the updates from the ‘good causes’ pages I have liked. There seem to be so many premature babies and homeless people in the world. I can’t help them all and it makes me overwhelmed 😦 and of course I feel terribly guilty if I ‘unlike’ a page.


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